The HR Practitioner of the 21st Century

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Hello. My name is Tom Hogan. Welcome to this course, The HR Practitioner of the 21st Century, Profile of a Business Leader.

This learning experience is designed specifically for HR leaders and practitioners and is based on current research and best practices.

This session is designed to help you do the following:

  • Identify several critical challenges organizations are facing in the 21st century and understand their potential impact on your organization.
  • Recognize the strategic role HR leaders can play in addressing critical challenges organizations are facing.
  • Discover the key competencies required to transform from an HR leader into a business leader.
  • Apply key course concepts to a case study.

In short, this experience will be pragmatic, and you will be able to apply what you learn tomorrow at work regardless of the stage of development in your career.

In an effort to help you with that application, as we go through the course you will develop an individualized action plan to leverage what you learn.

Let's get started.

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Key Concepts from this Video:

Global Knowledge Economy, Open Talent Economy, VUCA

Self Check

In his opening video, Tom outlines four goals for the course. They are which of the following?