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Patrick M. Wright discusses the four "knows" of the chief HR officer. Regardless of the stage of your career, all HR practitioners should be knowledgeable about these areas.

They are:

  • Know the business
  • Know how to lead
  • Know people
  • Know yourself

With respect to know how to lead, it is important that we as HR practitioners walk the talk. In addition to developing creative, agile and resilient leaders for our organizations, we need to invest in our own leadership development.

This may involve insuring that in our respective organizations, we are investing in the development of HR leadership development programs, for college graduates, mid career and senior level employees. This includes HR participating in our organization's high potential leadership development programs.

These programs should include rotational assignments in and outside of HR, providing exposure to members of the executive leadership team and providing funding for continuing education, such as acquiring an advanced degree or taking business courses to acquire business knowledge.

Furthermore, I argue that HR may be a destination for some practitioners and a launching pad for others. That is, some individuals may start a career in HR and as they make the rotations, they may discover a surprising talent or an untapped passion and choose to pursue career opportunities outside of HR.

Acquiring business knowledge and experience and developing leadership skills will be prerequisites for those individuals seeking such a career track.

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The Four 'Knows'

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What are the four key areas in which all HR practitioners should be knowledgeable?