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Another tool in our transformation roadmap is adopting an HR Competency Model to guide our professional development. I am a proponent of the SHRM HR Competency Model. It's grounded in research, utilizes a validation process, and addresses the knowledge and behaviors required by HR practitioners to be successful at different career levels; entry level, midlevel, senior level, and executive level.

Although there are other HR competency models in existence, I believe the SHRM Competency Model is a helpful tool for growing HR business leaders and HR practitioners for the future.

In sum, I believe these are some of the key actions that we need to pursue to help transform and elevate our profession. These actions will help elevate and transform our profession by promoting leadership, quality, consistency, and ethical behavior. This will require the commitment of HR practitioners as well as the concerted efforts of our profession. SHRM will continue to provide leadership in these areas.

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Key Concepts from this Video:

Competency Model

In the video above, Tom spoke of the need for the field of human resource management to adopt a competency model that will help provide a framework for quality within human resource departments in organizations of all sizes.

The Society of Human Resource Management, or SHRM, has created such a competency model. Explore it and see if you agree that it hits on all the key aspects of our profession.

SHRM Competency Model featuring equal percentages of consultation, communication, relationship management, ethical practice, hr expertise, business acumen, critical evaluation, global and cultural effectiveness, and leadership and navigation.

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For what career levels is SHRM’s HR Competency Model useful?