Best Practices for Chief Human Resource Officers

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Now let's look at some recommended best practices for CHROs. These best practices were identified by CEOs, they include:

  • Developing a personal relationship with the CEO
  • Ensuring that the senior executive team is working effectively as a unit
  • Impressing colleagues with suggestions on how the organization can be prepared to implement its strategy
  • Pushing to be included on the Board of Directors or Executive Committee
  • Focusing on the right topics
  • Taking initiative

These best practices were identified by CFOs:

  • Leveraging metrics
  • Approaching the CFO differently
  • Enhancing professional cooperation
  • Showcasing knowledge of the business

As discussed earlier, best practices obviously have value; it is good to know them. However, they may promote HR conservatism and stifle creativity and innovation. Furthermore, they may provide limited assistance when attempting to navigate in a VUCA world.

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Best Practices

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Which of the following are best practices for CHROs as identified by CEOs? (Check all that apply)