Adapt with Agility and Resilience

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I argue that to operate effectively in a VUCA world, organizations will be required to develop agile, resilient, creative, and innovative leaders and workforces.

Agility and resilience are two important components of an organization's adaptive capability. According to McCann, Selsky, and Lee, agility can be defined as "the capacity for moving quickly, flexibly, and decisively in anticipating, initiating, and taking of opportunities and avoiding any negative consequences of change."

They go on to define resiliency as, "The capacity for resisting, absorbing, and responding, even reinventing, if required, in response to fast and/or disruptive change that cannot be avoided." Resiliency frequently is associated with creative, prompt responses to minimize the impact of surprises and jolts that are not avoided.

From an organizational capability perspective, incorporating the concepts of agility and resilience into the fabric of our organizations involves creating leaders and a workforce that is flexible, open to change and able, if necessary, according to McCann, Selsky, and Lee, "To swiftly execute strategy by destroying structural or cultural barriers that impede the flow of work, people, resources, and ideas."

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Agility, Resilience

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