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Our profession has evolved and made tremendous progress over the years but we have farther to go to realize our potential as business leaders. We've seen that businesses need to be moving toward an agile and resilient approach to problem solving and workforce development. We've talked about what others in the C-Suite think of the chief human resource officer and the HR function of their organizations and how we can go about changing those perceptions. We've talked about strategic opportunities; what you can do and what you need to know.

So now, are you ready to build organizational and workforce capabilities that will allow your business to thrive in a chaotic and ever changing landscape? Do you have the business gravitas to sort out and take positions not only on HR questions but on important business issues?

Throughout this course, we've explored the conditions in which we are all living and working and the roadmap toward a future in which HR is viewed as critical to business success. We all have the opportunity to choose the role we play in elevating our profession and driving organizational growth and success. Are you prepared to seize the day?

Thank you for joining me.

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